10 Reasons Why Michaela Pratt is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Michaela Pratt from How to Get Away with Murder is a feminist character:

  1. Michaela Pratt is an overachieving law student at Middleton University.
  2. Pratt remains one of the top interns for Professor Annalise Keating’s law firm.
  3. Michaela wants to become Annalise Keating one day so she continues to be the most prepared student in the class. She has worked very hard to get to Middleton and won’t let anybody get in the way of her ambitions of being one of the top defense lawyers in the country.
  4. Pratt’s fiance Aiden turned out to be gay and in love with Connor.
  5. During the first day of class, Michaela recited information about the case Keating was the defense lawyer for without even being asked.
  6. Michaela Pratt can be a goody two shoes, but will do anything to impress Keating and to protect herself after all the murderous deeds that group has been part of.
  7. Michaela was raised by adoptive parents, which is why she is a big defender for the Hapstall siblings who are accused of murdering their wealthy parents.
  8. In a very out of character move, Pratt dates Caleb Hapstall even though he is her client.
  9. Pratt starts off hating Connor Walsh because of his gay playboy personality, but they become very close friends after she breaks up with her fiance Aiden.
  10. Michaela is caught on camera running out of the Hapstall mansion where Professor Annalise Keating was shot. Pratt and the rest of Keating’s interns are often on the brink of being arreseted.

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