10 Reasons Why Tess Vargas is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Tess Vargas from the modern Beauty and the Beast television show is a feminist character:

  1. Tess Vargas is now the Captain for the NYPD unit that she and Catherine are part of.
  2. Vargas comes from a family of police officers. All of Tess’s five brothers are also part of the NYPD too.
  3. Tess Vargas won’t put up with any sort of attitude from anybody. She gives a teen idol lots of sarcastic jabs when he kept on hitting on her.
  4. Captain Vargas sees everything in black and white when it has to do with the law, which is why at first Tess had a hard time understanding why her best friend Cat was secretly harboring a fugitive. Vargas sees Vincent as a serial killer.
  5. Tess can be a very straight forward person, which is why she confronts her scientist boyfriend J.T. right away when she finds all these bloody tissues.
  6. Tess Vargas is a very loyal best friend, which is why she forgives Cat and helps her protect the “beast” Vincent Keller.
  7. Captain Vargas has low self-esteem in the dating area especially since her affair with her former boss Joe, which is why it takes some time for her to admit to being in a relationship with J.T. Forbes.
  8. Vargas uses her power as a Captain to protect her boyfriend and close friends. She puts police protection on J.T. Forbes when the 200 year old super “beast”  Liam targets the scientist.
  9. Tess is a great detective/captain who tracks down Cat when she goes missing trying to find Vincent.
  10. Vargas takes a break from her job to help make J.T. Forbes’ dreams come true, when she finds out that he is dying from the superhuman serum.

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