10 Reasons Why Catherine Chandler is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Detective Catherine Chandler from Beauty and the Beast (2012-) is a feminist character:

  1. Detective Catherine Chandler became a cop because she witnessed her mother’s death, which she feels guilty about. She spends most of her day’s trying to help others.
  2. Catherine Chandler can calm her human-beast hybrid boyfriend Vincent Keller when he turns into “the beast”.
  3. Cat has a hard time dealing with personal issues like her mixed feelings about her Mom creating human-beast hybrids so she puts all her energy in solving crimes for the NYPD or helping keep Vincent save from Muirfield.
  4. Cat Chandler is a mixed race. Her Mom was a Asian American bio-chemist and her Dad is white.
  5. Detective Chandler may not have animalistic reflexes, but she can take care of herself in hand-t0-hand combat. Catherine Chandler is an expert in kick boxing. Cat is also handy with a gun.
  6. Catherine Chandler graduated from Princeton magna culm laude and got high marks from the NYPD police academy.
  7. Catherine Chandler’s partner is Tess Vargas who she confides everything to expect for a year when she kept Vincent a secert.
  8. When Vincent Keller was kidnapped by Murfied, Cat and their friend J.T. searched for him.  She broke into a storage building to save him, but Keller couldn’t remember the two most important people in his life.
  9. When the couple gets sent to a safe house because the city is after Vincent, Chandler can’t help solving a murder across from “their” suburban house. Her instincts about the wife and cop killing the husband were too strong to ignore.
  10. Cat and Vincent were able to stop the other hybrid Gabe from killing Keller by working together. Cat was able to put a case together to prove Gabe was a serial killer, then Vincent fought him.

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