Special Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II Post

To celebrate the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, I’m going to list ten of my feminist hopes for Jenna Coleman’s Victoria(2016). The ITV mini -series will be about the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign:

  1. Queen Victoria will be shown to be a strong woman with her own opinions on how the country should be run. Though I understand that in the early years the young queen will struggle with her new place.
  2. I would love to see along with the soul mate aspect of Victoria and Albert’s marriage, a true partnership between the royals.
  3. Victoria had a vibrant personality so I want to see that depicted in way that shows the complications of a woman that must be a ruler, wife, and mother. Especially at a time when men were believed to be the rulers of the all spheres.
  4. The queen should have true advisors that challenge her because it would be interesting to see her have rigorous debates on policies.
  5. Queen Victoria hopefully will have vulnerable moments since she was an eighteen girl ascending  to the throne contradicting  the persona of the Queen of England.
  6. I would be interested in in seeing how Victoria parented her eight children especially since at that time high born parents were leaving a lot of the work to servants. Queen Victoria said that she hated being pregnant and newborn babies. I wonder if this was a form of postpartum depression.
  7. I hope the ITV mini-series depicts how Queen Victoria became the national icon for strict standards of mortality a.k.a. Victorian Values.
  8. The Victorian Era is known for a great period of change in the whole fabric of England. I know Prince Albert had a large part in the Industrial strides, but I hope they show some of Queen Victoria’s roles in these changes.
  9.  Queen Victoria tried to put a minister in to abolish all forms of slavery in England, but failed. I hope that the mini-series depicts her struggle in trying to push these liberal laws through especially since on the surface the queen seems quite conservative.
  10. There seemed to be a lot of scandal about affairs in the early court of Queen  where she revealed her tight morality, which would be great drama.

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