10 Reasons Why Mercedes Jones is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Mercedes Jones from Glee is a feminist character:

  1. Mercedes Jones was a major part of the original Glee Club New Directions along with after graduation becoming a recording singer at Sony Records.
  2. Along with being part of New Directions in high school, Mercedes Jones was part of the Christian singing group The God Squad. Jones may be  Christian, but she preaches love for everybody no matter their sexual orientation is. The God Squad did a singing valentine from Santana Lopez to her girlfriend Brittany S. Pierce.
  3. Mercedes has come back to New Directions to mentor current students like how she told Marley Rose to continue to write music even though she had lost all these competitions. Jones told her how all these recording labels had turned down Mercedes even though she had this powerful voice, but now she has found the perfect fit.
  4. Jones had to deal with being second fiddle to Rachel Berry even though she has a soulful voice that is just as powerful as the white jewish divas. Mercedes continued to be a team player for the New Directions and get as many solos as possible.
  5. Mercedes Jones accidently dated  Kurt Hummel when he was in the closet, but soon they turned into best friends.
  6. Mercedes Jones is extremely loyal to her friends from New Directions. She has taken Brittany S. Pierce and Santana Lopez on her mall tour with her new album.
  7. Jones remains celibate until marriage, but has no judgment for those who do not share her belief.
  8. Mercedes loves to announces that she is like Beyonce and can have loads of sass especially when she thinks that Mr. Sheuster is not respecting her. She once refused to sing for fundraising event without all these weird demands like having fresh puppies to wipe her hands, but Rachel brings her back to earth when she talks about how everybody loves the greats because they sing with such passion not their diva demands.
  9. Mercedes Jones was the first student to try out for the New Directions.
  10. For a short time, Mercedes was part of the Cheerios the cheerleading squad, until the coach started to make her feel insecure about her body.

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