Ten Reasons Why Olivia Benson is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Olivia Benson from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is a feminist character:

  1. Olivia Benson went from being the Junior NYPD Detective on the SVU unit to being the Lieutenant in charge.
  2. Olivia can be the toughest cop on the unit with suspects, but sweet and supportive with the victims of sexual crimes. Benson can help rape or molestation survivors come to a place that they can press charges or tell their story.
  3. Benson stands up for the victims by being relentless in finding enough evidence so the ADA can charge the violent offender.
  4. Olivia’s father raped her alcoholic mother Serena Benson who became abusive toward her daughter. Instead of letting the abuse tear her up inside, Lieutenant Benson worked toward becoming a police officer.
  5. Lieutenant Benson graduated from Siena College where she learned to speak Italian, Spanish and French.
  6. For a brief period of time Olivia Benson was given guardianship of Calvin Arliss who may of murdered her mother’s rapist. She bonded with the young boy, so she was depressed when Vivian Arliss sends her son Calvin to live with his grandparents.
  7. Lieutenant Benson adopts a baby boy named Noah who has major health issues.
  8. There’s a subtextual same-sex attraction between Benson and ADA Alex Cabot that the audience can see through their relationship and how upset the Detective was when she thought Alex was dead.
  9. While undercover in prison, Olivia was raped by a guard.  Benson suffered through PTSD, which caused her to have flashbacks at work. Though Olivia went to meetings to help her deal with the rape.
  10. Olivia Benson has near perfect aim.

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