10 Reasons Why Selena Southerlyn is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Selena Southerlyn from Law and Order(2001-2005)  is a feminist character:

  1. Junior ADA Selena Southerly was the second chair to ADA Jack McCoy in the New York District Attorney’s office.
  2. Selena disagrees with McCoy and the District Attorney’s Office when they are tough on defendants who commit their crimes because they live in the outer rims of society .
  3. Selena Southerlyn has a conservative view point toward illegal immigration showing that she is not a purely liberal lawyer. Also she will be tough to anybody who has no excuse in what they did it like a radical Islamist who killed a woman.
  4. ADA Southerlyn was brought in front of the Disciplinary Committee because when a murder suspect took hostages she pretended to be his lawyer to save lives. Selena will bend the law to protect every day citizens.
  5. Selena often ends up in ethical dilemmas with the conservative District Attorney Branch because he and McCoy support the capital punishment, when she is morally against taking another person’s life for any reason.
  6. ADA Selena Southerlyn is a Lesbian.
  7. Branch fired Southerlyn because he found that she got emotional over cases and would defend criminals who got a unlucky straw at birth. She was fired for standing up for her beliefs.
  8. Selena Souterlyn came out as Lesbian sometime in college since she dated men in High School.
  9. Southerlyn replaced Abbie Carmichael who was McCoy’s second chair before her.
  10. Selena was originally hired by Nora Lewin who was District Attorney before Branch who fired her.

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