10 Reasons Why Annalise Keating is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Annalise Keating from How To Get Away With Murder is a feminist character:

  1. Annalise is a powerful charismatic Criminal Law Professor at Middleton University in Philadelphia who teaches her class ” How To Get Away With Murder” like its competition where the best students get to be her legal aids and win a statue that will get them out of taking any test.
  2. Annalise Keating grew up in a poor African American community, but her mother made sure that she had a roof over her head. After being sexually abused by her Uncle Clyde, Keating grew up to be a sexually empowered woman who did not allow men to stop her from being one of the best defense lawyers in Boston.
  3. Keating is a bisexual woman.
  4. Annalise often takes criminal cases that deal with powerful sexist or racist issues where she has no problem ripping apart any witness no matter what their social station is. Though Keating will do anything to win any case including sleeping with a Detective to get information or putting her students in a position to do the same.  Annalise can also be very unpredictable since anything she or a student finds out can change the direction of a trial. She is very creative in that way.
  5. The defense lawyer does  a great job covering up murders by using her legal talents like when her star students kill her cheating husband Sam.
  6. Analise Keating can be very cold like when she attacks Wes Gibbons on the first day for not doing the reading even though he had just gotten into the class.
  7. Keating graduated from Harvard Law.
  8. Annalise Keating is a famous defense lawyer who practices from her home on the Middleton University campus. Keating’s work and home life are very much intertwined.
  9. Annalise really wants to have a child, but couldn’t get pregnant after a miscarriage ten years ago caused by a car accident. This has created major issues with her marriage to Sam Keating a fellow professor.
  10. Annalise lives in the grey area since she will do anything to win a criminal case and to protect her standing in the world.

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