10 Reasons Why Marcia Clark is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Marcia Clark from American Crime Story (2016-) is a feminist character. Let me clear I’m only writing about the fictionalized version of Clark that Sarah Paulson played. Though from the television show, I’m sure the real Marcia is powerful awesome woman:

  1. Marcia Clark was the head prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles in the case of The People V. O.J. Simpson.
  2. Marcia asked for a demotion so she could continue to practice law in a court room, which leaves her with a great high along with being a talented trial lawyer.
  3. Clark raised two young boys while being one of the top prosecutors in Los Angeles.
  4. Marcia Clark is very stubborn, which caused her to call Mark Fuhrham to the stand even though Christopher Darden warned her that he was a major racist.
  5. Marcia refused to present the case against O.J. Simpson like a soap opera to be lapped up like the press. The prosecutor and her team only brought witnesses up to present the cold facts.
  6. Marcia Clark really wants to bring justice for the victims like Nicole Brown Simpson who suffer from domestic abuse, which is why she becomes emotionally charged over cases.
  7. Clark had to suffer through major sexism in the press where she was ostracized for not wearing stylish clothing and having a “strange” haircut, even though she is a intelligent talented lawyer not a model.
  8. Marcia and her co-counsel Darden snapped at Judge Ito because of how he had let the trial turn into a media circus where  the whole  justice system was painted as racist and corrupt even though the police gave O.J. every courtesy.
  9. The head prosecutor stayed at work late to prepare for the next day of trial even though she rather be home with her sons.
  10. Back when Marcia Clark went to Italy for study aboard she was raped, but instead of being victimized it let a fire into her belly to bring justice to other women who have been raped or abused by men. O.J. Simpson being acquitted hurt Marica because its the first time she doubted that juries wanted justice for victims.

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