10 Reasons Why Sara Lance is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I think Sara Lance is a feminist character:

  1. Sara Lance is a bisexual woman who has loved both Oliver Queen and Nysaa.
  2. Sara used to be a member of the League of Assassins and Team Arrow.
  3. Lance left the League of Assassins to protect her big sister and father. She became a vigilante called The Canary. When Sara briefly died, Laurel Lance became the Black Canary to honor her.
  4. When Sara Lance was going solo, she protected women from muggers and rapists in Starling City. She bonded with a runaway named Sin after saving her from a gang of muggers.
  5. Sara Lance became a killer who assassinated fathers while their children slept. The Canary no longer wanted to be that, so Lance poisons herself rather than allowing her ex-lover Nyssa take her back to the league. Thankfully Oliver gave her the cure.
  6. Sara was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit in Nanda Parbat where the League lives. She came back crazed with bloodlust trying to kill her friend Thea Queen who was brainwashed into kill the ex-assasian. After a ritual was done to re-soul the Canary, Sara left Starling City to battle the bloodlust.
  7. Before everyone that happened with the island and the League of Assassins, Sara Lance was the rebellious daughter sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend Oliver Queen and shoplifting.
  8. Sara Lance does’t have any mercy. If you hurt somebody she cares about like Oliver or Laurel she will kill you. The Canary almost took out Helena Bertinelli because she messed with her then boyfriend Oliver.
  9. Lance can be quite stoic because of her hardcore training and all the trauma she survived away from her family. On the island in Anthony’s freighter, Sara Lance studied forensics and chemistry.
  10. Sara posses masterful weapon, driving,material arts (like Wing-Chun), archery, baton, staff, sword, stealth, firearms,knife throwing and acrobatics skills.  The Canary is fluent in Mandarin and Arabic.

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