10 Reasons Why Dr. Caitlin Snow is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Dr. Caitlin Snow from The Flash(2014-) is a feminist character:

  1. Dr. Caitlin Snow helps the Flash a.k.a. Barry Allen defeat bad guys in Central City using her knowledge as a bio-engineer.
  2. Caitlin also tends to all of Barry Allen’s medical needs since he heals very fast, so can’t really go to any other doctor.
  3. Dr. Snow was part of the creation of the particle accelerator, which then led to the invention of meta-humans like the Flash.
  4. Dr. Caitlin Snow stabilized Barry Allen after he was hit by the lightening from the particle accelerator.
  5. Caitlin is work-alcholic who suppresses her emotions because the death of her fiancé  and other unknown trauma.
  6. Caitlin Snow is very protective of her team and she tries to stop them from doing anything to dangerous, which usually doesn’t work.
  7. Dr. Caitlin Snow along with her best friend Cisco Ramon helped create the cure for Mirakuru.
  8. Dr. Caitlin Snow was able to figure out how to re-program the S.T.A.R. Labs to track meteorological abnormalities over Central City so they could find the meta-human Clyde Mardon who could control the weather.
  9. Dr. Snow could find the cure of the poisonous gas that Kyle Nimbus became to save Barry Allen.
  10. Caitlin Snow must be a trained neurosurgeon because she threatened Cisco Ramon with a lobotomy. A warning that Cisco took very seriously.

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