10 Reasons Why Felicity Smoak is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Felicity Smoak from Arrow(2012-) is a feminist character:

  1. Felicity Smoak is the CEO of Palmer Technologies.
  2. Felicity was recruited to be part of Team Arrow because she is gifted in computer science especially in the art of hacking.
  3. Felicity Smoak became a paraplegic when Darhk’s men shot her in the back, but she did not let that stop her from helping her fiancé Oliver Queen’s mayoral campaign, running Palmer Technologies and doing her hacking duties for Team Arrow.
  4. Smoke started building computers at age seven.
  5. Felicity Smoak graduated from MIT with a master’s degree in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences.
  6. Felicity helps the Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and his team by hacking into governmental websites, tracking bad guys and getting data out of computers or hard drives that have been damaged.
  7. Felicity Smoak is really great a keeping secrets though terrible at making excuses for Oliver when has to save the day.
  8. Felicity has a great sense of humor, but can really over-talk and get herself in trouble. For example, when Moira Queen won the trial the hacker said she was not supposed to mention the prion time because it would be awkward.
  9. Felicity Smoak is also a bit of a scientist whose able to do things like test DNA or figure out what material devices are made from.
  10. Felicity Smoak was traumatized by her father leaving her at a early age, but has found a way to really trust people. She broke up with Oliver Queen because of his inability to do so.

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