10 Reasons Why Wonder Woman is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana Prince from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) is a feminist character. Please be warned this post is full of spoilers so watch the film first before reading the list:

  1. Diana Prince was able to steal the decoder from Lex Luthor’s mansion without anybody, but Bruce Wayne noticing. Though Batman noticed a little to late. She got out of the party with ease.
  2. Wonder Woman can share  unlike “little boys”. Diana breaks into Wayne’s car, then returns the device after she is done using it. Prince doesn’t feel the need to steal when you can just borrow.
  3. Prince has snappy banter with Bruce Wayne where she reveals that he has never met a woman like her.
  4. Wonder Woman originally left mankind alone because of the cruel way we treat each other that often leads to war and starvation.
  5. When Diana Prince boards a plan to take her home, she gets off because she sees that Metropolis is in danger. Even though Diana knows that Batman knows that she is a metahuman, which could endanger her whole life.
  6. Wonder Woman fought in World War I with the Americans.
  7. Diana helps Superman kill Doomsday by holding the mega Krypton monster still with her lasso of truth.
  8. Wonder Woman does some serious damage to Doomsday with her sword and lasso.
  9. Diana Prince’s shield can block Krypton eye lasers.
  10. Diana Prince remains nobody’s love interest for the entire film.

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