10 Reasons Why Jackie Sharp is a Feminist Character

Jackie Sharp is one of my favorite House of Cards characters. Here are the ten reasons why Sharp is a feminist character:

  1. Jackie Sharp is a army veteran who used to be in charge of a Mobile Rocket Launcher.
  2. Sharp becomes the House Majority Whip by aligning herself with Francis Underwood.  She does this by betraying her mentor in the House Ted Havemeyer to his enemy  Wes Buchwalter. Jackie tells Buchwalter that Havemeyer has a illegitimate daughter for his vote.
  3. Jackie serves as a fourth-term Congresswoman from California’s 5th congressional district.
  4. Jackie Sharp stood up to Frank Underwood by refusing to endorse his re-election because of his misuse of the FEMA money while funding the job placing program America Works.
  5. Congresswoman Sharp ran for President of the United States against Heather Dunbar and Frank Underwood.
  6. Jackie Sharp drops out of the election because she realizes that Underwood won’t make her Vice President and that he is only manipulating her. Since Francis Underwood critiqued Sharp for sending her step-children to private school during a debate after suggesting she tell off Dunbar for the exact same thing. Sharp endorse Heather Dunbar instead.
  7. Sharp realizes that Francis Underwood is a morally corrupt leader so she tells a reporter about all of his misdealing even though it means the end of her public service. Since the Underwoods have proof of her affair with Remy Danton. Jackie gives the newspaper information about her relationship so that President won’t have a chance.
  8. Jacqueline “Jackie” Sharp marries  suregon Alan Cooke to help with her Presidential Campaign, but amicably divorces him after she realizes that she is in love with Remy Danton and refuses to lie about it anymore.
  9. Jackie Sharp is an intelligent ambitious woman who believes strongly in doing the right thing and committing to her beliefs.
  10. Jacqueline Sharp refuses to be Frank Underwood’s lap dog even after he has all this dirt on her.

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