10 Reasons Why Claire Underwood is a Feminist Character

I’m not saying that Claire Underwood from House of Cards(2013-) is a heroine or even a decent human being, but she is a complex female character,and discovering and revealing complex female characters is what this blog is all about.We need to see women characters depicted in the media who are morally white, grey and black rather than one dimensional. Here are the reasons why Claire Underwood is a feminist character:

  1. Claire used to be the CEO of the non-profit Clean Water Initiative.
  2. She has a Masters degree in public health from Harvard University.
  3. Claire is a ruthless human being who fired half of the staff at the Clean Water Initiative so they could start building wells in Africa even though they had already implemented effective campaigns in the United States.
  4. Claire Underwood was the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Even though Congress did not confirm her, she developed a respectful working relationship with the Russian Nationalist President Petrov.
  5. The First Lady can be very manipulative. For example, she convinced Acting-President Donald Blythe to listen to her instead of Secretary of State Catherine Duran about how to deal with Russia which lead to him nominating her for Vice President.
  6. Underwood is able to draft passable legislation,like the initiative she got voted in for Congressmen Peter Russo when he was running for Governor of Pennsylvania.
  7. Claire Underwood has a bit of a conscious left, which is why she feels guilty about contributing to the circumstance that led to a fellow rape victim committing suicide.
  8. Claire Underwood doesn’t care if Frank Underwood cheats on her just as long as it helps them gain or keep power. 
  9. Vice President Claire had an abortion during Francis’ first election to help his political career, which she lied about in national television to protect their reputation.
  10. Claire briefly leaves her husband  President Francis Underwood when he tries to diminish the strong calculating Texan women by saying she “is nothing without him”.

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