10 Reasons Why Siobhan Sadler is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Siobhan Sadler from Orphan Black is a feminist character:

  1. Siobhan Sadler a.k.a. Mrs S is Sarah Manning’s adopted mother. Mrs S took Felix and Sarah out of London when she realized that the Leda Project was after her daughter. She protected her clone daughter Manning from being monitored by the Dyad Institute when she was a young girl by hiding them in Canada.
  2. When Sarah Manning was dealing with drugs and alcohol problems for a year, Mrs. S raised Kira Manning for her.
  3. Mrs. S puts her own well being below that of her children and grandchild leading to her being beat up by one of the Castor clones instead of telling him anything that would hurt Sarah or Kira.
  4. The Irish Siobhan Sadler used to be part of an underground activist organization, which allows her to easily sneak people out of the country like she did with her grown up children so they could find the Castor original in England.
  5. Mrs. S is a tough woman who shot  and tortured one of her former friends with a rifle, kitchen cutlery and her speed because the older woman betrayed her  and Sarah Manning. The Irish mother can also be  compassionate. During the first season when Allison comes in drunk and upset, Siobhan has the housewife stay over to sleep off the alcohol.
  6. Mrs S is the reason why Sarah Manning loves Punk Rock.
  7. Sadler hates her mother Kendall Malone because she killed her husband John Sadler, but was touched when she found out that Malone sent her daughter Sarah to her.
  8.  Mrs. S used to be a singer in a bar band in London.
  9. Siobhan knows how to get rid of genetic material through incineration or chemicals.
  10. Mrs. S will do anything to protect Sarah Manning including sending her twin sister Helena to Paul and the Castor Project.

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