The Feminist Aspects to The Final Season of Downton Abby

Here are ten feminist aspects of Downton Abbey Season Six that I noticed. Before the last season started, I made a predictions list which you can check out at this link to see if any of my wishes came to fruition:

  1. Lady Mary Crawley became the main agent for Downton Abbey, which means she runs the whole estate. Since Lord Grantham has became too ill to deal with the stresses of the debates around Downton, Mary also took over as the leader of the family in that regard.
  2. Lady Edith Crawley was the main editor for one of the issues of her newspaper after she had to fire her sexist male editor. Edith continues to take a larger role in running the business.
  3. Edith Crawley hires a female editor named Laura Edmunds.
  4. Countess of Grantham Cora Crawley is the Chairperson for the local hospital, which she takes a large part in running. Cora heads up meetings with the trustees and the hears questions from the hospital staff.
  5. Lady Mary helps Anna Bates become pregnant by paying one of her doctor’s to do a procedure that allows the lady’s maid to keep the baby to term. Mary is even present when her friend and servant gives birth to her baby.
  6. Daisy Mason passes her tests with flying colors, which allows her the confidence to move in with Mr. Mason at his farm in the estate so the former cook can assist him.
  7. Mrs. Hughes marries Mr. Carson proving that falling in love at a old age can be romantic.
  8. Isobel Crawley rescues Lord Merton from his opportunistic son and daughter-in-law when she thinks her love is dying. They marry and leave the estate to his greedy family.
  9. After Lady Mary Talbot Crawley and Marchioness of Hexham Edith Pelham Crawley marry the two sisters drop their long time rivalry for the sake of family.
  10. Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Crawley advices Mary to make peace with herself and marry Henry Talbot despite her fears about loosing him like Matthew. Violet also tells her granddaughter to bury the hatchet with Edith. The Dowager becomes a peacemaker.

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