10 Reasons Why Delphine Cormier is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Delphine Cormier from Orphan Black  is a feminist character:

  1. Delphine Cormier starts of as an observer, pretending to be a PhD student, studying Cosim, but ends up falling in love with her and realizing how immoral the Dyad Institute is so starts helping the clones figure out the truth behind their existence.
  2. Dr Delphine Cormier has a PhD in Immunology. She’s a French scientist who starts of a research associate for Dr Leekie at the Dyad, then ends up running the institute after Sarah takes out Rachel’s eye.
  3. Cormier used to believe she was heterosexual, but felt comfortable exploring her romantic attraction with Cosima because as a scientist she realizes that sexuality is fluid.
  4. Delphine loves her girlfriend Cosima deeply enough that she will do anything to fix the  fatal disease that she coded in her DNA. She willing lies to girlfriend to get her to have the proper treatment. For example, when Delphine doesn’t tell Niehaus that the stem cell she gives her are from Kira.
  5. Doctor Cormier kept her promise to Cosima to love all the clones equally meaning never sacrificing them for Niehaus by breaking up with the love of her life, so she could objectively help all of them.
  6. Delphine assistances Cosima with setting up a deal so they receive all the aid she needs to find the cure for the genetic diseases at a lab at Dyad, but never let anything slip that would endanger her “sisters”.
  7. Delphine Cormier speaks in a mixture of english and french especially with Cosima.
  8. Delphine has a charming sweet personality, but can be very cold and tough when needed. For example, when she threatens to make it look like Shay committed suicide when the French scientist thinks that Cosima’s new girlfriend betrayed the clones.
  9. Delphine and Cosima Niehaus uncover the portion of the clone’s genome that show that the Dyad has patented everything bout their DNA.
  10. When Dr Delphine Cormier was sent of to Germany by Rachel, she sent out one last clue to help Cosima and the rest of the clones. She could be killed by agents of Dyad, but she only cares about the welfare of her girlfriend and her family.

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