10 Reasons Why Carmilla is a Feminist Web Series

Today I’m going list the ten reasons  the Canadian web series Carmilla is feminist:

  1. After Laura Hollis’ roommate  Betty goes missing, the freshmen Journalist student started a personal blog to catalogue her own investigation.  Laura refused to the let the Dean cover up the missing students and started a scooby gang to help her out.
  2. Laura grew up with her very protective single Dad who insisted that she learned Krav Maga so she could defend herself.
  3. Laura Hollis is a geeky young woman who proudly shows off her knowledge and love of media like Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
  4. Hollis falls in love with her vampire roommate Carmilla Karnstein who she inspires to stop her human sacrificing “Mother” the Dean from feeding the school to a demonic angler fish god.
  5. Laura Hollis has a major sweet tooth, which causes to snack on sugary goodness when stressed because of finals or vampires killing young students on campus.
  6. Carmilla Karnsetin is  a vampire from 1680 Styria who will always be eighteen. Carmilla used to freely help her “Mother” find young women for the angler fish god cult, but one day she fell in love with Ell who she tried to protect. Camilla was then locked up in a coffin until World War Two. After decades of tricking young girl at Silas University and being a slacker who doesn’t care, Karnstein  started to date Laura. Carmilla became a hero who used her ability to turn into a giant black cat to save the day multiple times.
  7. Carmilla is sarcastic and stubborn and is forever studying philosophy. The vampire also has powers of super strength and speed, which she refuses to use to clean her room.
  8. Danny Lawrence is a third year English Literature Silas student. Her athleticism led her to be the President of the Summer Society, which is a sorority like organization that puts on fake hunts. Danny is protective and loyal to the people she cares about like Laura Hollis. They don’t end up dating because Lawrence’s overprotective nature leads Laura to feel like the third year doesn’t trust her intelligence or capabilities.
  9. In Season Two, Hollis founds the Silas News Network to report on the fact that Matska Belmonde a.k.a. Mattie and the Silas Board of Governors are trying to sell the student body into some kind of slavery.
  10. Even after Carmilla and Laura break up, the Journalist student still protects Karenstein and Mattie from the Vampire Hunters on campus by hiding them under the floor boards.

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