10 Ways that The X Files Miniseries is Feminist

Here are the ten ways that The X Files miniseries a.k.a. Season Ten is feminist. Warning there are major spoilers for anybody who has not watched all six episodes:

  1. Doctor Dana Scully has an established respected career at the Catholic hospital Our Lady of Sorrow where she helps operate on children born with no ears.
  2. Agent Dana Scully figures out the animal control worker Pasha is the serial killer on her own with almost no help from Mulder. Scully even arrests the serial killer with no back up and a quip to Fox Mulder about being immortal.
  3. Scully has her own emotional  plot line that goes through all six episodes surrounding the adoption of their son William. Dana starts of wondering if her pregnancy with her son was an attempt to create a powerful human-alien hybrid to coming to terms with  the fact that giving William up was the right parental choice. Then at the very end, Agent Scully has an excuse to find her son so his alien stem cells can cure Mulder.
  4. Dana remains a critical believer of the paranormal/alien phenomena who needs proof to accept things as fact. For example, Scully doesn’t see any credence to Tad O’Mally’s theory that the government are changing women’s DNA to include alien aspects after they implant embryos  until she finds proof in her and Sveta’s blood.
  5. Agent Scully uses science and testimony from a trusted friend Monica to figure out how the government used DNA to protect a chosen few and kill billions with vaccinations that are supposed to keep them from becoming sick.
  6. Agent Dana Scully with the help of Agent Einstein finds the cure for the Trojan Virus using the alien part of Scully’s DNA to create a vaccination.
  7. Doctor Dana Scully can be a tough bad ass FBI Agent, but is still able to open up emotionally to those she trusts like Mulder. Dana lets her best friend and ex-husband comfort her after her mother Margaret dies.
  8. Margaret Scully who has always given sage advice to Mulder and Scully does so one last time. With her last breath the mother tells Dana and Fox that they need to make sure William is okay, but to accept that giving their son up was needed to protect him.
  9. Agent Einstein is a medical doctor like Agent Scully, but back when she was a non-believer.
  10. Agent Scully helps ignite Mulder’s passion about the “monster” cases again by reenacting his role of introducing the case of the Were-Lizard, then listening to of all of his crazy theories.

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