10 Reasons Why Lady Rose McClare is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Lady Rose McClare from Downton Abbey is a feminist character:

  1. Lady Rose McClare now Rose Aldridge fell in love with the Jewish Atticus Aldridge whose family is new money in the England noble world. Rose never lets prejudices stop her from being happy, which includes getting married to Atticus even though her mother and his father did not approve.
  2. Rose Aldridge is extremely compassionate and kind to everybody. Lady Rose volunteered at the refugee house in Yorkshire for the Russian nobility who had to flee after the Communist takeover.
  3. Lady Rose Aldridge can be quite the rebellious rule breaker like when she first went to London with Lady Edith Crawley and fled to go to a Jazz Bar called the Blue Dragon to party the night away.
  4. Rose has a bubbly sweet personality, which makes her somebody who can easily convince people to do what she wants. For example, Lady Rose Aldridge got Lady Cora Grantham a to allow her to throw a Jazz dancing party for Lord Robert Grantham.
  5. Lady Rose Aldridge once fell in love with a African American band leader named Jack Ross who she was attracted to because he was gallant and charming. She doesn’t allow social morays or racism stop her from romantically  pursuing or befriending anybody.
  6. Rose will do anything to help a friend or right a wrong like when she snuck in with Mary to Terence Sampson’s  hotel room to find a letter that revealed that her friend Freda Dudley Ward was the mistress of the Prince of Wales Edward future King Edward VIII.
  7. Even though Lord Sinderby did everything possible to stop Rose from marrying his son Atticus, she still pretends that her future father-in-law’s mistress Diana Clark is one of her friends to stop any embarrassment or hurt feelings within her new family. This bonds Lady Rose with Lord Sinderby in friendship forever.
  8. Lady Rose Aldridge and Atticus Aldridge move New York always ready for new adventures.
  9. Rose helps reveal to Robert that Cora’s job as the new President of the Cottage Hospital is important by taking him to a meeting that she was running. Lady Rose Aldridge often has great advice and a way of showing her family what is important in life.
  10. Aldridge’s mother Susan tries to control Lady Rose by manipulating events around her or straight out telling her what she thinks is the socially acceptable course of action, but Rose never listens. They have a tough relationship, but Rose doesn’t not let that stop her from being happy.

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