The 10 Reasons Why Elizabeth Jennings is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Elizabeth Jennings from The Americans (2013-) is a feminist character:

  1. Elizabeth Jennings is a Soviet Union spy during the 1980’s who has been trained by the KGB to seem like a typical American woman. Elizabeth and her husband Phillip have impeccable U.S. accents and a prefect cover story, which even fools their FBI Agent friend, Stan Beeman.
  2. Jennings can pull off any disguise using wigs, wardrobe, make up.  Her ability to act or ability to seduce is outstanding. Elizabeth can analyze and decode the signals that the Soviet Union government sends them.
  3. Elizabeth can skillfully use different surveillance techniques like electronic listening bugs, molding people to get information for the Soviet Union and for following targets.
  4. Elizabeth Jennings may spend most of her time lying, but she loves her husband and children. She is a tough parent, but will do anything to protect  her children Paige and Henry.
  5. Elizabeth was born Nadezha in the Soviet Union during the 1940’s where she was raised by a single mother. When Nazdeha was fourteen years old her mother was diagnosed with diphetheria so she spent the rest of her so called childhood caring for her sick mother and raising herself.
  6. While Elizabeth was being trained to be an “American” Undercover Spy, she was raped by her fighting instructor Captain Nikolai Timoshev. The rape and the fact that she grew up in a rough situation is the reason why Elizabeth Jennings represses her emotions and has a tough steely exterior.
  7.  Jennings believes in the spy work she does and the values that the Soviet Union represents. Elizabeth has no doubts about her “undercover life” since she does not approve of the United States’ Capitalistic society.
  8. Elizabeth Jennings may appear to be a cold person, but she has a trusting loving relationship with her husband Phillip Jennings. Elizabeth reveals this when she asks Phillip to return home in the Russian language (after they had been separated for a while) even though the KGB doesn’t allow them to speak their birth language. Also, Elizabeth makes sure her husband is protected on his missions. For example, after one of his alias’ wives, Martha, figures out the truth, Elizabeth makes sure Phillip is safe in the apartment with his fake wife.
  9. Elizabeth’s training transformed her into a fighting machine with great reflexes and strength. She can also take major injuries while doing spy work. She can be very brutal– even killing innocent bystanders for the safety  of the Soviet Union.
  10. Elizabeth and Phillip disagree on many things because they have different stances on the Soviet Union and their mission, but for the most part they talk though any personal or spy problems before taking any action. They have an inmate loving relationship that allows them to do things like cheat on the other to complete an assignment or comfort the other during their most vulnerable times.

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