10 Reasons Why Miss Baxter is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Miss Baxter is a feminist character:

  1. Miss Baxter is extremely loyal to Lady Cora Grantham who she serves as a lady’s maid. Baxter never shares Cora’s secrets even when telling Mr. Barrow would of kept her mistress from knowing that she is a ex-convict
  2. Phyllis Baxter never says a unkind word about anybody. Phyllis is compassionate even t0 Thomas Barrow who got her the job at Downton to help him spy.
  3. Baxter brings the first sewing machine to Downton Abbey and uses it to help out the cook Ms. Patmore. She quickly sews up Ms.Patmore’s apron so the cook can look acceptable to Lady Grantham.
  4. Baxter helps prove that Mr. Bates’ did not kill Mr. Green by finding the bar keeper that could take all away any doubts about the fact that the valet was at the bar not shoving his wife’s rapist into a car’s path.
  5. Phyllis stops Barrow from taking a “medical” treatment that was supposed to cure his homosexuality, but was only poisoning him. Then took the under butler to Dr Clarkson for proper treatment.
  6. When Cora finds out that her lady’s maid had stolen jewels from her last mistress, Baxter takes full responsibility even though she was brainwashed by another servant Peter Coyle who got all the money from the theft.
  7. Ms. Baxter is able to turn her whole life around after being in jail for three years by working hard, being trustworthy and remaining a kind person.
  8. Phyllis Baxter saves Thomas Barrow again by fetching Andrew and Mrs Carson, so they can all get him to Dr.Clarkson after he attempts to commit suicide.
  9. Baxter bonds with Mosesly and encourages him to take academic exams, then become a teacher. The lady’s maid and footman have a sweet friendship where both servants try to help one another out with advice or action.
  10. Ms. Baxter is so loved by Cora that even after realizing that her lady’s maid was a thief, she still keeps her on.

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