10 Reasons Why Raven Reyes is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Raven Reyes from The 100 is a feminist character:

  1. Raven Reyes was the youngest and best Zero-G Mechanic aboard the Ark.
  2. After Raven gets sent down to Earth by Abby, she creates radios, walkie-talkies, bullets, grenades and bombs for “The 100” using minimal supplies. Without the mechanic the group of teenagers would of been unable to talk to the Arc, which saved hundreds lives since the leaders would of been forced to kill them to save humanity. Also, Clarke wouldn’t of been able to save the teenagers from Grounder attacks.
  3. Reyes with the help of her close friends was able to adapt to having limited use of her left leg because of nerve damage caused by a bullet wound.
  4. Raven Reyes can be very stubborn and independent, which helped her have the strength and knowledge to become the youngest Zero-G Mechanic though also caused her to struggle alone in pain because of her leg.
  5. Reyes’ mother was an alcoholic, so she often exchanged the young Raven’s food rations for moonshine. Raven was only able to survive because of Finn, who she made a new family with. Her family grew after she crash landed on Earth with “The 100” tribe.
  6. Raven has a heart murmur, but that never stopped her from being a bad ass mechanic and engineer.
  7. Reyes was able to fix up a 130 year old space pod, which allowed her to land on Earth relatively safely.
  8. In the Second Season, Raven and engineer Wick create a radio beacon so they can find the rest of the Ark.
  9. Raven Reyes is able to break into the encrypted radio channel that the Mountain Men are using so the Grounders and the Arc can listen in to their conversations.
  10. Wick and Raven were able to use explosives to take out the turbines in the dams that allow Mount Weather to stop anybody from entering their facility.

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