10 Reasons Why T’Pol is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why T’Pol from Star Trek: Enterprise is a feminist character:

  1. Sub-Commander T’Pol serves as Chief Science Officer and First Officer aboard the first Earth starship Enterprise. She is also the first Vulcan to serve on a Human vessel for longer than a few months.
  2. T’Pol started of as being part of the Vulcan High Command, but later because of her loyalty to Captain Archer becomes a officer in Starfleet. Which is when the Vulcan goes from being a Sub-Commander to a Commander.
  3. At the start of the series Star Trek: Enterprise, T’Pol like the rest of Vulcan High Command thinks human beings are not ready for interstellar travel because they are too emotional and not very logical. As the Science Officer explores space with her new Starfleet crew she learns human beings can be brave, strategic and compassionate. T’Pol becomes a intricate trusted member of Enterprise who will side with her crew over Vulcan any day.
  4. T’Pol has trouble controlling her emotions at times, but never lets this get in the way of her duty or personal relationships with Captain Archer and Commander Tucker.
  5. Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker has a romantic relationship with T’Pol, which seems to be the first human/Vulcan relationship. They both comfort and give each other advice.
  6. T’Pol is very skilled in deception like pretending to be a sex slave when the Frenegi break into the starship.
  7. Commander T’Pol duties include taking command of Enterprise’s bridge, helping out in Engineering, taking samples for scientific study while exploring other planets, take readings and analyzing them from the Science Officer’s station on the bridge, and combating enemies with hand to hand combat or phasers.
  8. T’Pol suffered from trellium addiction because she was using the drug to help her control her emotional outbursts. Dr. Phlox was able to ween her of the drug, but T’Pol suffered brain damage from long time use so she could never repress her emotions totally again.
  9. A human terrorist group named Terra Prime created a Human/Vulcan hybrid baby named Elizabeth (named after Tucker’s dead sister) using T’Pol and Trip’s DNA. The couple fell in love with their daughter, but she died because of a flaw in the process used to create Elizabeth. T’Pol was deeply effected by the loss of their daughter, which led to the eventual destruction of their romantic relationship.
  10. T’Pol loves drinking Earth beverages like chamomile and mint teas even though most Vulcans refused to consume anything human.

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