Black History Month Post

To honor Black History Month I’m going to post a list of feminist television shows with strong African American characters:

  1. Firefly (2002-2003): Zoe Washburne and Shepherd Book
  2. Star Trek: Next Generation(1987-1994): Lieutenant Geordi La Forge
  3. Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005): Ensign Travis Mayweather
  4. Scandal (2012-): Olivia Pope,Harrison Wright, and Rowan Pope
  5. Grey’s Anatomy(2005-): Dr Miranda Bailey, Dr Richard Webber, Dr Jackson Avery, Dr Stephanie Edwards, Dr Preston Burke, Dr Shane Ross and Dr Ben Warren
  6. Fringe (2008-2013): Astrid Farnsworth and Philip Broyles
  7. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine(1993-1999): Captain Benjamin Sisko and Jake Sisko
  8. The 100 (2014): Thelonious Jaha, Indra, and Nathan Miller
  9. Glee (2009-2015): Mercedes Jones, Wade “Unique” Adams, Roz Washington and Jake Puckerman
  10. The Walking Dead (2010-): Michonne, Sasha Williams, Tyreese Williams, Bob Stokey and T-Dog
  11. American Horror Story(2011-): Desiree Dupree, Marie Laveau, and Queenie

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