Special Chinese New Years Post

To celebrate Chinese New Year I’m going to list some main Asian American or Asian female characters that have been on feminist television series that I have discussed or love. Thankfully Asian Americans are getting more roles in television, but theres still a great disparity between fully formed characters of many different ethnicities and fully formed formed characters of Asian descent:

  1. Agent Melinda Qiaolian May (Marvel Agents of Shield) the kick ass stoic warrior who is one of the few people who can fly the “bus”.
  2. Agent Daisy Johnson (Marvel Agents of Shield) the inhuman smart alec hacker who found a family in S.H.I.E.L.D.
  3. Esgin Hoshi Sato (Star Trek: Enterprise) an expert linguist who can speak forty languages from all over the galaxy who serves as  Communications Officer aboard the first Starship Enterprise.
  4. Sun Bak (Sense8) the Korean educated fighter/business woman sensate.
  5. Dr Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy) the genius attending heart surgeon who at times may have terrible exhibiting interpersonal skills with patients or colleagues, but always saves the day.
  6. Sierra (Dollhouse) the doll who used to be Priya an Australian painter who was imprisoned in the Dollhouse because she refused to sleep with a rich well connected man.
  7. Keiko O’Brien (Stark Trek: Next Generation and Deep Space Nine) is a Japanese American botanist and school teacher aboard the Enterprise and the space station Deep Space Nine.
  8. Sun-Hwa Kwon (Lost) one of the Korean passengers who becomes a caring helpful member of the team attempting to get people of the island after subverting her over-bearing husband Jin. Though at the end Jin sees Sun as his equal partner in life.
  9. Tina Cohen- Chang (Glee) who goes from a shy goth girl to a outgoing talented stylish woman at the end of her time in Glee club.

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