10 Reasons Why Ezri Dax is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I think Ezri Dax is a feminist character:

  1. Ezri Dax is a Lieutenant serving on the USS Defiant and the starbase Deep Space Nine.
  2. Ezri Dax acts as both the base’s counselor and Communications Officer aboard the Defiant.
  3. Unlike Jadzia Dax, Ezri did not train to join with a symbiont so she struggles with all the different personalities within her. The Trill Counselor’s ability to create a new life in Deep Space Nine for herself even with the confusion and memories from Jadzia, which is even more impressive.
  4. Ezri Dax becomes friends with Captain Benjamin Sisko, but she becomes more of his mentoree. Ezri helped Sisko become happy again after the death of Jadzia.
  5. The new Dax is able to help the secretive Cardassian Garek deal with his serious claustrophobia and at the same time worked through her issues of being forced into being a Joined Trill.
  6. Ezri Dax uses one of her former hosts Joran Dax to catch a Vulcan serial killer who was killing crew members who were laughing in photographs with a special weapon.
  7. Ezri helps rescue Dax’s widower Worf proving herself to be as tough and brave as Jadzia.
  8. The new Dax convinces Worf that the old ways of the Klingon have become corrupted because of leaders like Gowron who have no honor and use brave warriors for their own political gains.
  9. Ezri Dax can be very insecure and unsure herself, but she tries to help everybody and is stubbornly herself.
  10. Ezri Dax’s mother Yanas Tigan who is a powerful business leader tries to control her children, but the Starfleet counselor got out.

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