10 Reasons Why Keiko O’Brien is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Keiko O’Brien from Star Trek: Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a feminist character:

  1. Keiko O’Brien is a civillian botanist aboard both the Starship USS Enterprise- D and on Bajor.
  2. Keiko also acted as a schoolteacher for all the youth aboard Deep Space Nine for a couple of years since at first she did not have the chance to practice her botany on the space station.
  3. O’Brien is a loving mother to her children Molly and Kirayoshi. She shares the joys and burdens of parenthood equally with her husband Chief Miles O’Brien.
  4. Keiko O’Brien does not reenact the stereotype of asian women being passive or submissive to white men. She and Chief Miles O’Brien both love and respect each other.
  5. Keiko was able to give birth on the Enterprise without the help of an actual doctor only Worf a Klingon who did not have a lot of experience with the disorderly event of child birth.
  6. The botanist can play the clarinet. Keiko was part of the woodwind quintet on the Enterprise.
  7. While Keiko was a teacher she stood up to the Bajoran religious leader Vedek Winn who did not want her to teach the scientific realties of the wormhole that connects the Alpha and Gamma Quadrant. O’Brien refused to be censored on how to educate children to widen their minds.
  8. When Keiko O’Brien got married she participated in a ceremony that combined both Japanese and Irish customs. She is deeply connected to the Japanese culture through her fond memories of her grandmother who practiced calligraphy.
  9. Keiko O’Brien did not liking moving to Deep Space Nine, but made a home there by opening up the school and eventually spending months on Bajor studying the native plant life.
  10. Whenever Chief O’Brien has been replaced or messed with in any way by the Federation’s enemies, Keiko always knows the truth.

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