10 Reasons Why Major Kira Nerys is a Feminist Character ( Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Major Kira Nerys is a feminist character:

  1. Major Kira Nerys is a member of the Bajoran Militia who acts as the First Officer to Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko on the Deep Space Nine Space Station. In the Seventh Season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Kira becomes a Colonel.
  2. Major Kira Nerys also acts as the Bajorian liaison officer aboard Deep Space Nine.
  3. When Kira was twelve years old she joined the Shakaar Resistance Cell to battle the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. Kira Nerys remained a resistance fighter until the Cardassians left Bajor.
  4. Nerys had a hard time trusting Captain Sisko and the rest of the Starfleet crew at first because she wanted Bajor to be completely free of outside influence. But as Kira realized that she could trust her Starfleet partners she started to soften toward them. Major Kira grew to think of her comrades as family.
  5. Kira Nerys can be a talented pilot of smaller aircrafts and a great shot with a phaser. Kira is skilled in hand to hand combat because of her experience in the resistance.
  6. The Major is an expert in guerrilla warfare like booby traps and ambushes.
  7. Major Kira Nerys is an excellent tactical thinker so she is able to advice Captain Benjamin Sisko during the Dominion War and other battle situations that the crew of Deep Space Nine and the USS Defiance face. Along with finding ways of resisting the Dominion while they occupied Deep Space Nine.
  8. Nerys can be a very funny person who loves to laugh, but she can toughen right up when faced with enemy like Gul Dukat. She can be very sarcastic when met with people who threaten the Space Station security or the crew.
  9. Major Kira Nerys has a strong faith in her culture’s religion where Captain Sisko is the Emissary of the Prophets. At first, while Kira worked well with the Captain, they had a strictly professional relationship because he is a religious icon on Bajor. Though after Nerys helped save Sisko’s life they became close friends. Nerds is very loyal to Sisko even going against Bajor’s government to assist Sisko.
  10. Jadiza Dax is Kira’s best friend. They tell each other everything. Before Dax bonded with Kira, the Major used to be very closed off to social actives or anything outside of work.

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