Brief Overview of Shipping, Slash, and Canon

First I want to say that I have recently started listening to the podcast Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files, which I am really loving as a huge fan of The X Files. Though Kumail Najiani and some of his guests have said some incorrect things about fandom. I want to clear them up for any of my non-fandom centric followers.

First off, fans don’t stop shipping fictional couples once they get together on screen a.k.a. become canon. Members of fandoms start making gifs, fan videos, fanfiction, and have discussions surrounding moments or episodes featuring the romantic couple together. For example once Brittana became canon on Glee the shippers started making gifs or fan videos surrounding their relationship. Nobody just moved on to another ship the minute Brittany and Santana kissed on screen.  Just look up Brittana on tumblr and you will see the millions of posts about that one couple.

Second off, the term slash can only be used if its a gay couple. Neither Scully/Mulder or Lexa/Clarke could be considered slash. Though technically Lexa/Clarke or Clexa is a femslash couple, which is the female version of slash. As Kumail Najiani pointed out slash was created by the Star Trek fandom who loved to pair Kirk with Spock, which is why it only applies to gay couples.

Thank you Kumail Nanijani for making sure to cover the involvement of fandom on The X Files. I am a huge fan of your podcasts. I just wanted to clear some things up about the comments on fandom made on your show, but I hope you don’t take any offense.

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