10 Reasons Why Margene Heffman is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Margene Heffman from Big Love is a feminist character:

  1. Margene Heffman becomes a talented saleswoman and television personality. Margene has a entrepreneurial spirit, which is discovered when she starts selling  jewelry on television.
  2. Perhaps because Margene was not raised Mormon she is the most sexually free of all the wives.
  3. Heffman has a very cheery disposition, which causes people to be naturally drawn to her. She is the only one of the sister wives to have friends outside the marriage like Anna and Pam.
  4. Margene is the youngest of all the wives so a lot of the children come to her with their problems. Like Teeny who had nominated her biological mother Barb for the best mother in Utah, but felt bad about it because she was worried her other mothers Margene and Nicki would feel left out. Heffman talked the third oldest child into telling Barb and Bill about the nomination.
  5. Margene is the only one of Bill’s wive to really fall in love with the whole family before marrying them. She is in a polygamy out of love not because of religion or because of a previous single marriage.
  6. After Bill dies, Margene Heffman travels overseas to do humanitarian work, but still comes home for special occasions like Sarah’s babies blessing.
  7. Margene Heffman loves her children, but recognizes that she needs to do more than just being a homemaker. So Heffman goes out to find purpose without the help of Bill, Barb or Nicki. Margene’s people skills works out when she starts selling jewelry on-air.
  8. Margene Heffman marries Anna’s boyfriend Goran to keep them in the country since her best friend is pregnant with Bill’s baby. Margene does this out of love for both Anna and the Henrickson family so the baby can be in all their lives.
  9. Margene Heffman loves to dance, play around with the children and generally keeps the joy alive in the household.
  10. Margene Heffman is often written off by Barb and Nicki for being oblivious or clumsy, but instead of acting out in anger she always tries to prove them wrong.

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