10 Reasons Why Barb Henrickson is a Feminist Character

Here are the ten reasons why Barb Henrickson from Big Love (2006-2011) is a feminist character:

  1. Barb Henrickson is the first wife in the family so she manages the other sister wive’s tasks and finances. The second wive Nicolette “Nicky” Grant calls her boss lady. She is always the mediator when Nicki and the third wife Margene fight.
  2. Barb survived uterine  cancer with the support of Nicky and their husband Bill Henrickson.
  3. Henrickson does not fully support the idea of a plural marriage, but she stays for the love of the whole family. Barb doesn’t just love her own biological children, but all the ones that comes from the polygamous marriage.
  4. Barb becomes a priestholder even though the Mormon Polygamous church thinks women should defer to men on religious teachings. She refuses to bend her will to Bill or any other man.
  5. At the start of Big Love, Barb Henrickson was a substitute teacher. At first she and Bill were the sole breadwinners.
  6. For the most part Barb always has a cool head and can deal with all the different problems that come her way.
  7. Barb Henrickson was part of the board membership for their company Weber Gaming. She helped manage the day to day running of their Blackfoot Indian casino.
  8. Barb joins a Latter Day Saints Church that allows women to receive the priesthood, but eventually leaves the church because it does not support polygamy.
  9. When Bill Henrickson was dying he saw a halo around Barb’s head so he asked his wife to bless him. Only a priesthood holder can bless somebody so in the end even Bill supported her being a leader in his church.
  10. With the help of her sister wives, Barb Henrickson formed the only Mormon Fundamentalist Church that supported both polygamy and female priesthood holders.

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