10 Reasons Why Mrs Hughes is a Feminist Character

To celebrate Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson’s nuptial, I’m going to list the feminist characteristics of our favorite Downton Abbey housekeeper the newly minted Elsie Carson:

  1. Elsie Hughes is the head housekeeper at Downton Abbey and in charge of all the female servants.
  2. Mrs. Hughes uses all of her pay checks to take care of her mentally ill sister Becky who lives in Lytham St. Annes.
  3. Elsie Hughes does not dote on the Crawley family the same way that Mr. Carson does, but is extremely efficient and loyal to the care taking of the estate Downton Abbey.
  4. Elsie has a stoic personality, but can be very loyal and protective of the people she loves. The housekeeper cares deeply about Anna Bates who she protected from the police by bringing a ticket to Lady Mary that would prove that Mr. Bates could of killed Mr. Green. Since the valet had good reason after hearing his wife Anna Bates had been raped by Mr. Green.
  5. Mrs Hughes also helped Mrs Pattmore the cook at Downton Abbey by comforting her when the cook’s nephew was shot for cowardice during World War One.
  6. Many people go to Mrs. Hughes for advice because she is very ethical. Tom Branson went to the housekeeper after Edina Braithwaite the maid tried to blackmail him into marrying her since she was pregnant. Mrs. Hughes helped Branson by firing her a second time.
  7. Mrs. Hughes has proven to have a big heart under her somewhat cold exterior because she helped the former maid Ethel who became pregnant after sleeping with a Major Bryant during World War One. After the major died, Mrs. Hughes set up several meetings with the Byrant family to see how they could help with Charlie their grandchild.
  8. Mrs. Hughes had a cancer scare, which she bore with amazing resilience. The housekeeper continued to work while Dr. Clarkson tested a biopsy of a lump on her breast. Mrs. Hughes was surprised and touched when Lady Cora revealed that the Crawley family would help look after her if she indeed had cancer.
  9. When Mr. Carson becomes stubborn and tries to force the servants to do “cultured” events instead of whatever they would find fun like going to the beach, Mrs. Hughes convinces him that conceding to the other servants would be a better idea.
  10. Mrs. Hughes refused to bend to the will of Mr. Carson and Lady Mary on where she would get married. The housekeeper married Mr. Carson where she wanted to in the schoolhouse.

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