Feminist Preparation for The X Files Miniseries

The X Files Miniseries (2016) will be premiering this Sunday at June 24 at 7:00 pm on Fox, so I wanted to give my fellow feminist fans ten Scully heavy episodes up to Season Seven. I know that the majority of the episodes star Agent Dana Scully, but what I mean is The X Files episodes that are centered around her or where the female scientist is an active agent in them. Please enjoy! :

  1. ” Beyond the Sea” Season One Episode 13: Scully’s father dies when death row inmate Luther Boggs  says that he’s a psychic envisioning murders. Agent Dana Scully believes Boggs because he seems to be channeling her father. This is the first time when Scully not Mulder has faith that a phenomena is real.
  2. “The Blessing Way” Season Three Episode One: Mulder has gone missing in New Mexico, so Scully has to search for him.  Dana Scully remains the only person to believe her partner is still alive. The FBI even has a funeral for Agent Mulder where the agent tells his mother that he is still out there.
  3. ” Nisei” Season Three Episode Nine: Scully learns from a UFO Women’s Abductee Group that she may have or will have cancer.
  4. ” Unruhe” Season Four Episode Four: Dana becomes a kidnap victim of a serial killer who takes pictures of his victims that reveal his fear of demon possession. Scully is able to talk down the killer long enough to be found.
  5. ” Memento Mori” Season Four Episode Fourteen: Scully tells Mulder that she has brain cancer, which very well may of been caused by her alien abduction.
  6. ” Gethesmane” Season Four Episode Twenty Four: Agent Dana Scully deals with dying of cancer along with trying to help Mulder reveal to the FBI that aliens are real and there is a conspiracy.
  7. ” Emily” Season Five Episode Seven: Dana Scully discovers that the chronically sick Emily is indeed her daughter, which leads her on a quest to legally adopt her. Though Scully is stopped from becoming a mother when she finds out that what is causing the chronic illness is alien. The doctor can not save her own daughter.  She and Mulder have to bury Emily.
  8. ” Milargo” Season Six Episode Eighteen: Where a writer who has the power to create a character that actually murders people becomes obsessed with Scully.
  9. ” The Sixth Extinction” Season Seven Episode One: Scully excavates a UFO crash site in Africa to find a cure for a comatose Mulder.
  10. ” All Things” Season Seven Episode  Seventeen: While visiting a hospital, Scully finds out that her former professor and lover Daniel Waterston is dying from a unknown heart condition. Dana explores alternative therapies to find a cure for Waterston while wondering what would of happened if she chose to be a doctor and not a FBI agent.

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