Martin Luther King Jr Post

To honor Reverend Martin Luther King Jr, I’m going to list some powerful African American women main characters that have been on television recently. I was shocked to realize that finding black characters on TV was still a hard thing to do though it is getting easier every day:

  1. The hard ass talented general surgeon Dr Miranda Bailey who has recently become the Chief of Surgery. She may be tough, but she has a heart of gold when dealing with the other surgeons and the patients at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital.
  2. Olivia Pope whose a political fixer stationed at Washington D.C. and operates in the grey areas to help her clients facing situations ranging from being caught sleeping with a hooker to facing murder charges. Pope is a true “White Hat” who only fixes problems for politicians who don’t lie to her.
  3. Daisy Grant, the Press Coordinator for Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. who uses the media to save the world from global disaster by either manipulating the press to force a peaceful resolution or out right lying to them to stop a disaster. Grant always does her job with well placed one-liners plus some fear of failing scattered in there, but she always does her job to perfection.
  4. Zoe Wasburne is the first mate of the spaceship Serenity and a veteran brown coat who fought against unification with the Alliance. Zoe is a stoic woman probably because of the war, but always keeps a cool head under fire.
  5. Donna Meagle the Office Manger for the Pawnee Department of the Parks and Recreation is a fabulous world woman who knows how to “treat yourself”. Rhetta as Meagle was so funny that she went from being a minor recurring character to a main one.
  6. Queenie from American Horror Story Coven is a bad ass witch who is a real life voodoo doll who now helps Cordelia Foxx run their coven.
  7. I know that Martha Jones is English, but I can’t keep her off this list. Jone is one of the Doctor’s companions plus she almost single handily stopped the Master from taking over the Earth. Martha also worked with both Torchwood and Unit protecting Earth from alien threats.
  8. Desiree Dupree the three breasted freak show performer is a proud woman who kills anybody who tries to mess with her “abnormal” family. Desiree  feels sexy just the way she was born.
  9. FBI Agent Astrid Farnsworth assists the mentally unstable Dr Walter Bishop figure out what strange scientific event happens to the victims that fall under the Fringe Unite’s purview.  Agent Farnsworth is one of the few people who can keep him calm and working.
  10. The power house singer Mercedes Jones who lives life on her own terms. At the end of Glee, Mercedes became a famous singer, which is something the diva deserves.

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