My Feminist Predications for the Netflix Show The Crown

I first want to admit that I’m making these predictions based on the trailer for The Crown (2016) featured on Netflix’s YouTube channel as well as the little bit of knowledge I have about British history from family, college classes and books I have read. Also, I have full respect for the real Queen Elizabeth II and hope my thoughts would not offend her if she read them. (Though I know the Queen of England would never read my blog.) Here is a list of what I hope and think will happen in The Crown:

  1. That Queen Elizabeth II and Philip Mountbatten the Duke Edinburgh are shown to have a relationship of equals, which is why Phillip has so much difficulty bowing down to his wife. (Not because Elizabeth is a woman.)
  2. Queen Elizabeth II struggles not only with being a independent woman, but also because she is a symbol for England.
  3. Some wonderful debates and fights between Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Winston Churchill. I hope the Queen pushes for a modern England and Churchill tries to keep the country in the past.
  4. Elizabeth is depicted  as a “ordinary” educated woman who has to struggle to find her place in the monarchy now that she has been crowned. Queen Elizabeth II will be revealed to be more than just a symbol for the crown. Her strength will come from not being a “goddesses”, but a real gritty person.
  5. I hope Queen Elizabeth II will have real power. I know that now the Monarch has no legal authority, but I believe it did in the 1950’s.
  6. Elizabeth is shown to be a loving mother who does her best to balance work and home life.
  7. The Queen has the quiet reserved temperament that she has in real life, but is still shown to be a strong woman.

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