10 Similarities And Differences Between Allison Dubois and Melinda Gordon

Both Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010) and Allison Dubois from Medium (2005-2011) are feminist mediums, but they have many differences and similarities. Here are a list of them:

  1. Allison and Melinda both see ghosts and have dreams that tell them about horrible events that have or will happen. Though Dubois has more dreams about vicious crimes, than sightings of ghosts.
  2. Allison Dubois has three daughters Ariel, Bridgett and Marie who are also mediums. They don’t have has many dreams or see as many ghosts as their mother does. Melinda Gordon has a son in the last season of the show named Aiden Lucas whose a empath and connected to his mother.
  3. Melinda Gordon’s mission is all about helping ghosts find their inner peace and go to the other side. She investigates with her husband firefighter/doctor Jim Clancy and her close friends like Delia Banks or Professor Rick Payne. While Allison Dubois does sometimes go to her husband mathematician Joe Dubois for advice, she mostly works with the police and district attorney to solve crimes. Allison is a consultant for the Phoenix District Attorney Manuel Devalos.
  4. Melinda and Allison both have husbands who are protective, but understanding of their supernatural gifts. Both Jim Clancy and Joe Dubois have a equal partnership with their wives.
  5. Allison Dubois rarely has visions surrounding the people she cares about, but Melinda Gordon often sees ghosts or has dreams about her close friends or family.
  6. Melinda Gordon finds out that theres more than just ghosts in the world, but a supernatural fight between evil and good. Within the world of Medium its simply about helping solve murders or other crimes using visions sent from ghosts or some great beyond. Though there are occasionally cases like the ghost of the serial killer Dr Charles Walker who influences doctors and other men to cut up teenage girls.
  7. Allison Dubois tells all of her daughters the truth about their psychic dreams being real, but Melinda Gordon does not tell her five year old son about his powers until she figures out that she needs him to save the world.
  8. Both Allison Dubois and Melinda Gordon can become obsessed with solving the mysteries of whatever ghosts or dark dreams that they have come in contact with.
  9. Both Melinda and Allison’s mothers could both communicate with the dead, but decided to suppress their powers.
  10. Dubois and Gordon are both extremely empathic women.

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2 thoughts on “10 Similarities And Differences Between Allison Dubois and Melinda Gordon

  1. What’s most interesting about the two shows having plenty of similarities is the fact that they started and ended at around the same time. Do you think that the time frame of the series had anything to do with how similar the shows are?

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