Special Post Honoring David Bowie


Please let me start by saying that in this blog I only write about female characters, which is not going to change. I am writing about David Bowie today because he was a creative genius who I have listened to since I was a young child. There’s no way I could pass up a chance to honor him so please excuse this detour.

In many ways writing about David Bowie fits perfectly with this blog since the singer songwriter played so much with gender. In fact, in the music video for Bowie’s song “Boys Keep Swinging” the British pop star dressed up as a couple of different women so he could be his own back up singers. Throughout his career David Bowie proudly cross dressed or performed outside the gender binary. A perfect example of that is the film The Man Who Fell to Earth. Bowie played an alien named Thomas Jerome Newton who had no genitalia and was androgynous in nature.

I believe that, as a male pop star, David Bowie’s adoration of the feminine, helped reveal to the world that there is strength in being fully yourself no matter what your gender man or women. The pop star helped fight for women’s rights, which is something I thank him for.

R.I.P. David Bowie thanks for being part of the soundtrack of my youth.

Tomorrow I will be back to just posting about female characters or figures. I am planning to explore how Sex in the City is a feminist show or not. Thank you and please follow the MAE blog.

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