10 Reasons Why Claire Fraser is a Feminist Character (Outlander)

Here are the ten reasons why Claire Fraiser is a feminist character:

  1. Claire Fraser was a English World War Two combat nurse. Her 20th century  husband Frank Randall could of pulled strings so she could serve closer to home, but the nurse chose to nurse in the field.
  2. Claire Fraser uses her medical knowledge to heal Scottish Highlanders in the mid 1700’s at a time when they believed in changelings and demon possession.
  3. In 1743 at a time when women are considered the property of men, Claire never lets her husband Jamie Fraser or any other man tell her what to do. Jamie tries to send his 1940’s wife back through the stones, but the nurse decides to stay.
  4. The time traveling combat nurse rescues Jamie from Wentworth Prison and the sadistic rapist Redcoat Captain Black Jack Randall. Claire and his godfather Murtagh have to rail up the troops to save the Fraser since most men are not brave enough to break into a British prison to rescue one of their own.
  5. Jamie Fraser spanks Claire Fraser after she got captured by Black Jack Randall to punish her for not doing what he says, which the nurse does not take without a fight. Afterward, Claire refuses to be with Fraser until he promises never to hit her again. Jamie swears using a phrase usually given to Lairds by their male subjects that he will never lift a hand to Claire again. The time traveler also makes a vow that if Jamie ever touches her violently that she will kill him. After that moment, Claire and Jamie Fraser become equals. They both “own” each others souls and loyalty.
  6. Claire Fraser kills a Redcoat that tries to rape her in essence rescuing herself.
  7. Claire grew up with her archeologist uncle all over the world, which is why she knows how to live of the land, swears like a sailor, is independent and knows a lot about history.
  8. Claire Fraser is a very witty woman and can keep up with the filthy joking of the Scottish Highlander men.
  9. Fraser was charged with being a witch because of being stubborn in refusing to give the 18th century Scottish people lesser medical treatments because of their strict Catholic few points.
  10. Claire Fraser plans to stop the Jacobites from fighting the English Crown, which leads to the destruction of the Highlander way of life.

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