Happy New Year List

To celebrate the new year I’m going to list episodes that celebrate a new thing coming into the world like a year or president and the end of a certain time:

  1. The West Wing Season Four Episode Seven “Election Day”
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Three Episode 21-22 ” Graduation Day Part One and Two”
  3. Vikings Season One Episode Six ” Burial of the Dead”
  4. Xena Warrior Princess Season Six Episode Twenty Two  “A Friend in Need: Part Two”
  5. Parenthood Season Three Episode 18 ” My Brother’s Wedding”
  6. The X Files Season Four Episode 14 ” Memento Mori”
  7. Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 13 ” AKA Smiles”
  8. The 100 Season Two Episode One ” The 48″
  9. Lie To Me Season Two Episode 22 ” Black and White”
  10. Doctor Who Season Seven  Episode 13 ” The Time of the Doctor”

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