10 Reasons Why Ria Torres is a Feminist Character (Lie To Me)

Here are the ten reasons why Ria Torres is a feminist character:

  1. Ria Torres is a natural at reading people’s emotions based on their facial expressions.
  2. Before Torres worked at the Lightman group she used to be a TSA agent at the airport.
  3. Ria Torres grew up with an abusive alcoholic dad, which is why she has trust and anger issues.
  4. Torres can be very tough on people she knows are lying about something, but has a major soft side for the people like Cal Lightman or Eli Loker who have earned her trust.  She covers up for Cal Lightman when she sees him at a underground fighting ring where the FBI had surveillance.
  5. Ria Torres’ emotions can cloud her readings or lead her to make impulsive dangerous choices.
  6. Unlike everybody else who works at the Lightman group she has no academic training.
  7. Ria Torres always calls Cal Lightman out on what he is actually feeling in any given moment and how its effecting his choices.
  8. Ria has a much younger half sister named Ava who she feels guilty for not coming for after she graduated from high school. She has a hard time reading Ava’s emotions because of the major rift between them. Plus she unconditionally loves her, which clouds Ria’s readings. Ava has been in trouble with the law many times and lied to her sister.
  9. Ria Torres is the only Latina character on Lie To Me, but while she may get angry sometimes she never really feeds into the “Fiery Latina” trope.
  10. Torres had a girlfriend a couple of years ago, which she says was a sexual experiment. Though I think that the implication was that Ria had real feelings for the older woman.

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