What I Hope Will Happen in The X Files Miniseries as a Feminist

As all of us The X Files fans know the miniseries will be coming out soon in January 2016. Here are all of the things I hope will happening based on my knowledge of the series, the miniseries twenty two minute preview and Doctor/Agent Dana Scully’s character:

  1. The X Files miniseries preview discusses how Scully struggles with putting their son William up for adoption all those years ago. Doctor Dana Scully tells Mulder that she is worried that they will solve all the mysteries about the government conspiracy or/and aliens, but nothing about what happened to their now fifteen year old son. My hope for Dana Scully is that she either uncovers what happened to William or/and has the chance to be a mother for real.
  2.  Dana Scully now has an established renowned status in the medical field and we see all of that success. I personally want to see Doctor Scully using all the new medical technology that has been invented over the last twenty years.
  3. I hope that a lot of the six episodes relay on Scully’s medical and forensic knowledge to solve the cases.
  4. Doctor Dana Scully has always been Fox Mulder’s moral compass or the person who protect him for himself and I hope this continues. Their loyalty and love for one another is what makes The X Files  such a powerful television show.
  5. Agent Monica Reyes will be in one episode of the miniseries, which means hopefully we will see what supernatural spiritual cases she has solved over the break and that Monica will play a large part in one of the episodes.
  6. In The X Files: I Want To Believe, Scully returned to being purely a open skeptic, which I think eroded all of her character development. In the television series, Dana Scully went from being a pure skeptic to being a skeptic who remains opened minded to a believer who remains skeptical of some facts.  I personally wish that the mini-series features a Scully who has remained a believer for all these years, but still needs more convincing than Mulder.
  7. I wish that at least one episode uses faith or religion so Catholic Scully can be the unrelenting believer and Mulder be the skeptic. I love how Dana Scully who is a true scientist needing proof to know if  something  is true can have faith in religious miracles and God.
  8. Lastly, I hope that each one of The X Files miniseries episodes while updated to the times we live in now remain true to the spirit of the original series. I know there will be two mythology episodes, but I hope there is one comedic one, a romantic episode and one that leans more toward the supernatural.

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