10 Reasons Why Gillian Foster is a Feminist Character (Lie to Me)

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Gillian Foster from Lie to Me is a feminist character:

  1. Doctor Gillian Foster is a brilliant psychologist who can detect when people are being deceptive by parsing language: abnormal speech patterns and word choice.
  2. Foster remains the most trusted friend of Doctor Cal Lightman who is an expert in the field of psychology and reading deception. They are both partners in the Lightman group.
  3. Though Gillian is one of the few people in the world who can spot when a husband isn’t being faithful to his wife based on a facial expression she’s still human. The doctor couldn’t tell when her own husband Alec was addicted to drugs.
  4. Doctor Foster can manipulate others to reveal their lies by pretending to being married to Lightman or by having a client pour coffee and explain their story at the same time.
  5. Gillian lost her adopted baby daughter Sophie when her birth mother wanted her back (before the time limit for giving up parental rights was up). She continues to be emotionally hurt by the loss of her child, but remains strong. This makes Doctor Foster very compassionate toward children or mothers.
  6. Doctor Gillian Foster helps reign in Doctor Cal Lightman when he goes too far like when he gets himself locked up in a mental hospital. No matter what, Dr. Foster backs up Dr. Lightman even though the English doctor plays with fire to get to the truth.
  7. Doctor Foster is a sort of third parent to Emily Lightman. Gillian and Cal have an intense connection because of all their years working together, but they never let romantic feelings turn into actions. They are both afraid of what could happen.
  8. In general, Gillian Foster is very professional with the firm’s clients, but can be a bit impulsive when she feels like a case is unethical. When the IRA only hired them to see if everybody in a compound believed in the leader’s religion,the Doctor took things further by helping a mother and her children escape a cult.
  9. Doctor Foster tries to see the best in people.
  10. Doctor Gillian Foster loves pudding and slushies.

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