10 Reasons Why Princess Aslaug is a Feminist Character (Viking)

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Princess Aslaug from Vikings is a feminist character:

  1. Princess Aslaug is the daughter of the famous shieldmaiden Brunhilda.
  2. The princess exhibits her intelligence many times in the series. For example, when she first met Ragnar she easily solved his riddle. Here it is paraphrased: Aslaug came to the viking camp undressed, but not naked. With no companion, but not alone. She came not stuffed, but not with an empty stomach.
  3. Aslaug proves that she has “the sight” by first foretelling that her son Sigurd would be born with a snake and that her father named Sigurd slain in his eye.
  4. Princess Aslaug is very strong. Her strength is demonstrated by the way she raises her disabled baby son Ivar at a time when children like him were left out to die.
  5. The princess is a loving protective mother to her sons Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar. She doesn’t like the fact that her and the boys have to live in a dirty hovel when Jarl Borg usurps Kattegat from Ragnar.
  6. Aslaug is big hearted which allows her to accept Bjorn even though he is proof that Ragnar also loves his ex-wife Lagertha. The two wives of Ragnar have a pleasant relationship as well.
  7. Princess Aslaug lost her husband’s love when she kept Ivar. Her husband’s disinterest leads to her “straying” with the wander healer Harband. She is so desperate for Ivar to stop being in pain she gives herself sexually to Har
  8. When Ragnar is away, Aslaug helps govern the people of Kattegat.
  9. The trailer for Vikings Season Four shows that Princess Aslaug has ambitions of becoming the Earl of Kattegat.
  10. Technically now that Ragnar has become King, then Aslaug is the queen.

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