10 Reasons Why Siggy is a Feminist Character (Vikings)

Here are the ten reasons why Siggy is a feminist character:

  1. At the start of Vikings, Siggy was the wife of Earl Haraldson and the most powerful woman in Kattegat. She might of appeared to be a quiet woman, but actually had a lot of sway with the Earl.
  2. Siggy is excellent at manipulating people to her will. The viking woman knows exactly what to say to get her lover Rollo to back to really living when he is titled a traitor.
  3. Siggy will do anything to survive, which is why after her husband dies she becomes Lagethera’s servant.
  4.  The viking woman may switch loyalties when the tides turn, but she can be extremely loyal. Siggy has the chance to become King Horrick’s second wife and be queen, but instead she tells Ragnar the plan to kill all of the Earl’s family including his first wife Lagertha.
  5. Siggy is very ambitious, which is why after her husband’s death she aligned herself with Rollo a.k.a. Earl Ragnar’s brother. She believed he would become a powerful man, which would lead her to rise to power again. I believe Siggy had a real love for Rollo since she never left him even after he became traitor.
  6. The viking woman is a loving mother who was nearly destroyed by the death of her daughter Thyri and still deeply effected by the murders of her sons.
  7. Siggy’s an extremely brave woman who died to save two of Raganar and Aslaug’s sons. She is also a compassionate person since she warned Rollo about her husband’s plant to kidnap him. At this time helping Ragnar’s family did nothing to help Siggy.
  8. When Queen Aslaug was obsessed with the  Harbard who healed her son Ivar, Siggy took over some of the responsibilities of the queen like caring for her children and hearing the problems’ of the villagers. I think that Siggy did this out of both ambition and friendship for Aslaug.
  9. The viking woman had strong bonds with her female friends like Lagethera, Aslaug and Helga. When Lagethera was still the Lady/Wife of the Earl in Kattegat, Siggy would counsel the great shieldmaiden on what actions she should take. The viking woman continued to show that she cared about the shieldmaiden by getting her extra blankets and giving hugs.  Siggy  helps babysit both Helga and Aslaug’s young children and spends a lot of time with them.
  10. Siggy offered to fight to protect Kattegat when Jarl Borg took over the village even though she was not a shieldmaiden.

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