Connections that exist with J.J. Abrams’ Female Characters

First of all I want to admit that I have never watched Felicity (1998-2002), so I don’t know if the three patterns I will list here exist within the show. Actually I am only talking about patterns with female characters within Abrams’ shows Alias(2001-2006), Lost (2004-2010), and Fringe (2008-2013). Please tell me your opinions of my theories in the section area:

  1. In the three television shows at least one of the main female characters have problematic relationships with father figures, which lead them to have major trust issues. For example, Sydney Bristow from Alias whose actual father Jack Bristow and father figure Arvin Sloane both lied to her about who they actually  leave the super spy  not knowing who she can turn to for help, which leads to her to work with the CIA. Kate Austen from Lost step father beat her mother up, so she murdered him. Kate had to be forced into telling Jack and Sawyer who she actually was because she doesn’t trust anybody enough to open up.
  2. Sydney Bristow, Kate Austen and Olivia Dunham all are stuck in webs of mystery that are built by patriarchal forces and are trying to get to the truth. Sydney Bristow takes down SD-6 while slowly untangling the lies and wading through the mythology that her former boss Arvin Sloan helped create. Kate Austen tries to find a way off the magical dangerous island that Ben, The Others and its guardian help protect and only they know even a little bit of its complexities. Olivia Dunham spends her days unwinding the scientific wonders that exist between the different realties that were first breached by Dr Walter Bishop and Dr William Bell. The scientists actually created some of the first problems that the FBI agent had to solve.
  3. The main female characters that J.J. Abrams’ created are all supremely intelligent and have some special skills that make them unique. Olivia Dunham was the most powerful and steadiest of all the children that Dr Bishop and Dr Bell experimented on. Sydney Bristow was recruited by SD-6 because of her language skills and was the extremely easy to train (shooting, hand to hand combat and other espionage skills) . Kate Austen was able to evade the law for a long time because of her powers of manipulation and her ability to think fast on her feet. All the women listed here are leaders in their different groups: Fringe Division, SD-6/CIA, and Flight 316.

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