10 Reasons Why Supergirl is an Awesome Feminist Television Show

A lot of people on the internet have been super critical of Supergirl (2015-) because its a more G rated and not as edgy as Jessica Jones (2015-)Here are the ten reasons why the more “universal” show is an awesome and feminist!:

  1. Supergirl is one of the few superhero shows centered around a female character and can be viewed by fans who are younger than seventeen. We need woman superheroes that girls can look up too. Kara is one of those heroines.
  2. Kara Danvers never relays on Superman to save her even though they are cousins. She in fact gets mad at her friend and crush Jimmy Oslon for calling  her cousin during when of her early fights. Kara is not instantly good at saving the day it. She needs to practice with her sister Alex.
  3. Kara was originally sent to Earth to protect baby Superman by her parents in  Krypton when she was thirteen.
  4. Supergirl has to deal with constant attacks by the media because she is a young woman not a man, but never it never stops her from rescuing people from a fire or stopping her Aunt Astra from trying to take over the world.
  5. Kara Danver’s boss Cat Grant is a woman in charge of a large media empire in National City who does her best to support Supergirl because she wants to foster a female superhero. Cat is a true feminist who always tells Kara the hard truths about being a woman in the work place. Grant admits that things are not always equal, which is why she must be ten times better than men in her same position.
  6. Alex Danvers a.ka. Kara’s sister is not just a scientist, but also a bad ass agent for the DEO. Supergirl (Kara) and her sister Alex work well together. The sisters always support each other and don’t have petty fights. Alex never acts out against her sister because of her powers or alien origins.
  7. Kara Danvers is a nice compassionate person, but is  tough when she needs to be. She doesn’t  let Agent Hank Henshaw stop her from being Supergirl because he doesn’t trust aliens or her inexperience.  Supergirl has a inherent need to help people.
  8. The parent that Kara looks up to is her biological mother Alura Zor-El who was a major judge back on Krypton. Alura put away a lot of criminals who ended up on Earth when Krypton fell.  Kara helps put away the alien criminals who attack humans in National City.
  9. Alex and Kara’s mother Eliza Danvers is a protective and a  brilliant scientist.
  10. One of the recurring characters happens to be Lois Lane’s little sister Lucy Lane whose a JAG lawyer who stops up to her General father because he attacks Supergirl for being different. All of the women on Supergirl are intelligent bad ass women.

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