10 Reasons why Lagethra is a Feminist Character (Vikings)

Here are the ten reasons why Lagethra is a feminist character:

  1. Lagertha became Earl in her own right making her one of the most powerful women on the Vikings. 
  2. Lagertha is a famous shield maiden who has become a explorer. She was raised by farmers.
  3. The shield maiden is loving protective  mother of Bjorn and his now dead sister Gyda. She remains strong even after miscarrying her third child who everybody assumes would be a boy. Lagertha has also recently become a grandmother to Siggy.
  4. Lagertha loves Ragnar Lothbrok, but divorced him because he humiliated her by wanting to take a second wife. He had a affair with Princess Aslaug who was pregnant with his child. Ragnar wanted sons more than his wife Lady Lagertha.
  5. Even though King Ragnar broke Lagertha’s heart she still fights in battle for him.
  6. Lagerthra is very protective of other women, which she proves over and over again. Like how shield maiden stopped Knut from raping a Saxon woman during her first trip to England.
  7. The shield maiden’s second husband Earl Sigvard beat her so she killed him. Lagertha has a strong spirit and won’t let anybody disrespect her.
  8. Even when Lagethra was Earl she helped the settlers in England farm the land.
  9. Kalf stole the Earldom from Lagethera. The shield maiden promises to get her title back, but still fights with Ragnar in Paris. Lagethra does not need a title to be a leader.
  10. Lagethra remains kind to Rangar’s sons with Aslaug even though they represent losing her family.

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