10 Reasons why Carol Peletier is a Feminist Character (The Walking Dead)

Here are the ten reasons why I think Carol Peletier is a feminist character:

  1. Carol went from being an abused housewife to a strong warrior woman who did what needed to be done to survive.
  2. Carol Peletier lost her daughter Sophie to the walkers and found a way not to live on, but to become stronger.
  3. Peletier has done actions that can be seen as immoral like killing Lizzie after she killed her little sister Mika and threatened to murder Judith, but only because the survival of the girl would of threatened the lives of everybody.
  4.  Carol is skilled in killing walkers with all different weapons and also has some medical training from Hershel. She also knows how to operate explosives to aid the group against other humans or walkers.
  5. Carol Peletier helps protect and look after baby Judith.
  6. Carol is extremely loyal to the group as a whole. She uses her intelligence to aid the misfit caravan. Carol  is one of the few people that Rick trusts when he tries to suss out the Alexandria compound.
  7. Peletier is an extremely talent cook and baker from all her years of being a housewife.
  8. As Carol said to the one of the Cannibal’s leaders she knows that she is not truly alive anymore. All of these tough choices that Peletier has taken has left her emotionally wounded.
  9. Carol has proven that she is a great liar because the older woman convinced all of the Alexandria compound that she is still that shy housewife.
  10. Carol Peletier’s emotional wounds has lead her to be cruel at times, but she is still compassionate. She told Rick to deal with an  abusive husband after his son Sam told her what was happening.

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